Board games, played on a table, typically involve the use of boards, game cards, custom dice, and other accessories, and are loved by players of all ages. Kylingm offers high-quality, one-stop custom board game services tailored to meet individual needs. Since its establishment, Kylingm has continually enhanced its design and production capabilities to ensure the best products and services for its customers.

Kylingm’s Custom Board Game Products

Custom Creative Board Game Accessories

Design unique accessories to make your board game more personalized and fun.

1、Custom Creative Dice

Customize the color and pattern of the custom dice to add surprise to every roll.

2、Custom Spinners

Diverse spinner designs add randomness and challenge to the game.

3、Custom Game Boards

Design one-of-a-kind game boards based on your needs, enhancing the gaming experience.

4、CustomGame Cards 

Professional protection for your board game cards, extending their lifespan.

5、Plastic Pawns + Custom Stickers

Provide exquisite plastic pawns and exclusive stickers, enhancing the visual appeal of the game.

6、Card Stands

Unique card stands design for easy handling by players.

7、DIY Custom Game Coins

Create custom game coins to add realism to your game.

8、Custom Tokens

Diverse Custom token designs to meet different game requirements.

9、Custom Board Game Boxes

Elegant packaging box designs to add a touch of quality to your board game.

Kylingm’s Advantages

  • Flexible Order Quantities

At Kylingm, there’s no need to worry about minimum order quantities. Starting from just one piece, even small orders can enjoy bulk discounts.

  • Fast Production

For large orders, Kylingm can complete emergency production within 2-3 days, ensuring peace of mind for customers.

  • Variety of Card Sizes

Offering internationally standard 63.5x89mm blue core paper cards, 57x89mm game cards suited to Asian hand sizes, and 63x88mm black core paper cards with anti-peep technology, suitable for casinos and embossed for texture.

  • High-Quality Assurance

Every production step is meticulously controlled to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Competitive Pricing

Kylingm offers highly competitive prices, with discounts available even for small orders, providing excellent value for money.

  • Customer-Centric

Kylingm is dedicated to customer satisfaction, continually improving services and products to create greater value for customers.

  • Customization Experience

At Kylingm, you can freely customize the double-sided design of board game cards, and the color and pattern of the custom dice, making every detail exactly as you imagine. From creative accessories to unique packaging, Kylingm can turn your design into reality.

Kylingm is not just a manufacturer of board games but also the realizer of your creativity. We meticulously craft each product, making your board game unique and enhancing your brand’s competitiveness. Choosing Kylingm means choosing high quality and professional service. Let’s work together to create your board game world!