Using metal components such as metal coins and metal tokens in board games can significantly enhance the game’s aesthetic and tactile appeal, giving players a sense of high-quality treasure. Here’s a comprehensive guide to producing metal game components, focusing on material selection, design submission, color customization, costs, production time, and packaging options.

Material Selection

1. Zinc Alloy

  • Properties: Heavier and more durable, ideal for custom metal coins and custom metal miniatures.
  • Applications: Suitable for creating detailed 3D patterns and intricate designs.

2. Other Alloys

  • Aluminum Alloy: Good for simple, flat shapes. Can be laser etched for designs but cannot achieve 3D detailing. Colored through anodizing, which may cause color variations.
  • Precious Metals (Copper, Silver, Gold): Best for commemorative coins due to higher cos

Submitting Designs

1. Simple Coins

  • File Format: Black and white flat designs in PDF or AI formats.
  • Design Variability: Different designs can be created for each side of the coin.

2. Complex 3D Miniatures

  • File Format: Detailed images or 3D files (such as STL or OBJ formats).
  • Design Assistance: Free design assistance for simple coins with provided concepts and reference images. A design fee may apply for complex custom metal miniatures.

Color Customization

1. Electroplating

  • Description: Low-cost option for metallic colors such as gold, silver, and copper.
  • Limitations: Limited to metallic finishes.

2. Painting

  • Description: Allows for any color but lacks the metallic shine.

3. Special Effects

  • Washing/Antique Effect: Suitable for both painted and electroplated metal coins and metal tokens, giving a darker, aged appearance.
  • Rust Effect: Approximately 10% more expensive than washing, simulates a rusted look.
  • Rainbow Effect: High cost due to individual hanging and coloring.
  • Dual Plated: Involves multi-layer coloring, either through electroplating or painting, and increases costs.
  • Costs

    1. Mold Fees

    • Existing Molds: Free use of standard molds such as 8, 10, 11, 12mm cubes, pirate coins, 7-piece dice sets, and Monopoly-style tokens.
    • New Molds:
      • Small molds: About $90, higher unit price, suitable for small orders.
      • Large molds: About $250, lower unit price, suitable for large orders.

    2. Product Costs

    • Metal Coins: Range from $0.04 to $0.50 each, depending on quantity and size. For example, a 1-inch diameter, 2mm thick coin costs about $0.04 each.
    • Custom Metal Miniatures: A 1-inch high custom metal miniature costs about $0.50 each.
    • Shipping: Metal components are heavier, potentially increasing shipping costs.

    Production Time

    1. Pre-production

    • Samples: Typically take 3-5 weeks, including drawing and mold making.

    2. Mass Production

    • Timeframe: Usually takes about 4 weeks.

    Packaging Options

    1. In-game Box

    • Description: Metal components like metal coins and metal tokens can be placed directly inside the game box.

    2. Additional Products

    • Personalized Packaging: Options include cloth bags, plastic bags with header cards, and other customized packaging solutions for custom metal tokens and custom metal coins.


    To produce high-quality metal components for your board game, start by selecting the appropriate material (zinc alloy for detailed designs or aluminum for simpler shapes). Submit detailed designs in the correct formats and decide on color customization techniques based on your desired finish and budget. Be aware of mold fees and product costs, and factor in production and shipping times. Finally, consider packaging options that best suit your game’s presentation and distribution needs. By carefully planning each step, you can create impressive, durable custom metal coins, custom metal tokens, and custom metal miniatures that enhance the overall gaming experience.

    Make your own board game. Add the components you need to your shopping cart and upload your design files. If you need help, you can contact our service staff for free design support.