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Technical information

On this page, you will find instructions on how to deliver your design files when personalizing game components, ensuring that you correctly prepare and upload your artwork.
Further down on this page, you will find all necessary design templates for customizable game components freely available for download as PDF and INDD files.

Graphic design instructions

  • Our preferred layout programs are Adobe Illustrator or InDesign.
  • Make sure that all objects in your artwork are vectorized, as vector files provide the cleanest results in printing.
  • For design files, we accept the following formats: JPG, PNG and PDF.
  • Make sure that you use our templates/dielines when customizing game components (available in the templates section below). You can either use the Adobe InDesign template files or insert the PDF templates into your layout software in a separate layer in original size 100%. Do not change the size or dimensions of the template/dieline.
  • Before you export your design, delete all dielines and folding lines. We do not filter out these lines in our digital process.
  • Text and important design elements should be placed at least 3 mm from the dieline.
  • Make sure that all fonts used in your artwork are embedded into your design file or that all text is converted into outlines.
  • When creating your artwork, make sure that you include a bleed of at least 3 mm on all sides (our templates already include a 3mm bleed line). More information on bleed in the section below.
  • The print processes at Cartamundi comply with the requirements for CMYK printing defined in ISO 12647-2:2004. For your artwork and design files, do only use CMYK colors (not RGB, HEX or LAB colors). If your colors are in RGB format, you will need to convert these into CMYK. You can find instructions on how to convert into CMYK here.
  • Make sure that your collective CMYK percentage is maximum 300%.
  • When using images in your designs, make sure that the resolution is at least 300 DPI and make sure that the images are built in CMYK. Grey images should use greyscales.
  • Smaller black design elements (e.g. logos, lines, text) must always be in 100% pure black (C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100%) and be vectorized for optimal printing results. When using grey, make sure that it is made from black only.
  • Larger black objects need to be in a rich black (C=30%, M=30%, Y=30%, K=100%).
  • To avoid registration problems, always put black in overprint. Never put white in overprint as it will not show on the artwork.
  • When applicable to your product, do not forget the European toy safety legislation on legal markings and warnings on toys: CE marking, product identification number, manufacturer information (contact details) and age warning. You can find more information on the subject in our ‘Legal markings and warnings on toys’-document and download all mentioned markings/warnings as vector files here.

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Below, you can see an example of what may happen if you do not extent your artwork to the bleed line (over the cutting line) in your design file. Image 1 shows a design where the artwork has been placed right against the cutting line, and image 2 shows the potential result of using such design as final artwork – even a misalignment of a few micrometers may cause a thin, white line to appear. This can easily be countered by extending your artwork to the bleed line, over the cutting line. Please note that even though this example concerns cards specifically, including a bleed in the design file is equally important for all personalized components (game boxes, gameboards, cards, rule sheets and token stickers).


Box lid
Ideally, the design on top of the box lid should merge seamlessly into design on the sides (so that the design continues over the edges and onto the sides). Having a design on top of the box lid that continues over the edges and onto the sides will help you avoid alignment issues. If the design for the top of the box lid differs from that for the side(s), please let the top design continue 1 mm over the edges and onto the sides (see figure below). By doing this, minor deviations will be balanced in a better way. Please note that the layout criteria are different for the box bottom.

Box bottom
Contrary to the box lid, the design for the main part of the box bottom must be fitted exactly to the dieline WITHOUT continuing over the edges and onto the sides (see figure below).

Box sides
During the production of bottom-lid boxes, the printed paper is glued onto the cardboard box (see figures above). During this gluing process, the paper is folded over the edges, which causes the height of the sides to increase slightly. This results in vertically centered elements on the box sides being moved slightly towards the center of the design area. Therefore, please move design elements that need to be vertically centered (logos, text, etc.) 1 mm towards the outer edge (see figure below) to ensure better alignment.


  • The card decks available via Make My Game can be customized on both sides, front and back.
  • If your design has a border, we strongly recommend that this border is not thinner than 3 mm, and that the inside radius of the border is either 1 mm or 0 mm.
  • You can upload one file for the entire deck. Each card front and back must be placed on a separate page (i.e. a document with a total 56 pages for a 28-card game and a 112 pages for a 56-card game). This means that you need to alternate between front and back design for each card (two pages per card – the first one for the card front and the second one for the card back).
  • Make sure that the cards are in the correct order for printing. The order of pages in the file is the order of the printed deck. This means that the design on the first page of the file will be printed on the front of the first visible card in the deck and the design of the second page will be printed on the back of the first visible card.
  • IMPORTANT: on the front of the first card, there will be a small white rectangle (15 x 3 mm) with a numeric code in black text, located in the upper right side of the card. This code is used for tracking each deck throughout the production process. This rectangle will be printed on top of your design and cannot be removed or changed. Please bear this in mind when designing the first card of your deck. The exact position of this rectangle is marked on the first page in all card design templates.
  • Always ensure that all the cards are correctly formatted and uploaded, and that they are in the right order – check through all the cards of your deck in the editor before adding it to your game.

Template Game Boxes

  1. Small Rectangular Box – BOXCS

  2. Medium Rectangular Box – BOXCM

  3. Medium Square Box – BOXBSSQ

  4. Large Rectangular Box – BOXBMRE

  5. Big Square Box – BOXBLSQ

Game Boards 6. Small Board (Square) – BOARDSSQC

  1. Big Board (Square) – BOARDLSQC

  2. Big Board (Rectangle) – BOARDMREC

Card Decks 9. Deck of 28 Cards (Bridge Size – 56 x 87 mm) – DECKBR28

  1. Deck of 56 Cards (Bridge Size – 56 x 87 mm) – DECKBR56

  2. Deck of 28 Cards (Poker Size – 63 x 88 mm) – DECKPO28

  3. Deck of 56 Cards (Poker Size – 63 x 88 mm) – DECKPO56

Card Boxes 13. Foldable Poker Box Bridge Single – TBXSBR – Size: 59 x 90 x 20 mm – Download PDFDownload INDD

  1. Double Bridge Foldable Poker Box – TBXDBR

  2. Foldable Poker Box Poker Single – TBXSPO

  3. Foldable Poker Box Poker Double – TBXDPO

Spinning Machines 17. Square Spinning Machine – SPIN100SQ – Size: 150 x 150 mm – Download PDFDownload INDD

  1. Round Spinning Machine – SPIN100RO

Rules 19. Rule Sheet A4 (Unfolded) – RULEA4UF – 2 pages: Front and Back – Download PDFDownload INDD

  1. Rule Sheet A5 (Unfolded) – RULEA5UF

  2. Rule Sheet A5 (Folded) – RULEA5F

  3. Rule Sheet A6 (Unfolded) – RULEA6UF

  4. Rule Sheet A6 (Folded) – RULEA6F

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