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Add component to shopping car
Add component to shopping car

Select the game components and quantities you want and add them to cart.You can see the price of each component online.

Confirm design & production
Confirm design & production

Confirm the game design with you within 1 day. You can receive your game as soon as one week after production starts.

Game design has never been easier

Four steps bring your game design to life

3.Choose Other Components

4.Customize Special Shapes

Offering multiple online customization options

Significantly simplify the board game design process

Zero Threshold

Customizing Board games for small and medium-sized Brands starting from 1 piece

Free Design

Design team with more than 15 years of experience provides one-stop customization support

Fast Delivery

Shipping worldwide,You can receive your customized products Within 7 days at the fastest

Printing Services

Super smart factory, fast print, reliable quality, centralized production, efficient delivery, and providing the most cost-effective products

Design Services

No experience required, the online service team provides free consultation to help you complete every step of board game design

Sample Customization

Proofing starts from 1 piece, confirm design parameters, physical proofing, multiple materials, process optional, proofing within 48 hours at the fastest

Small Batch Production

Best solution for small batches, zero threshold, 80% customer choice, providing the most cost-effective customized board game service

Never been easy

Fast and Quality Service

Kylin dedicated to providing a one-stop online board game customization service for experienced game developers, business professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises, novice designers, and board game enthusiasts.

This includes design and printing solutions for board games, as well as the design and customization of boxes, dice, coins, and custom wooden, metal, and plastic components.

You can choose components with your personalized design in kylin and quickly complete the design and production of board games.

Ready to get started?

Printed and shipped on demand!

Printing made easy

Frequently asked questions

Kylingm is an innovative online service platform focusing on providing a one-stop online board game customization service. It caters to experienced game developers, business professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises, novice designers, and board game enthusiasts. The services include design and printing solutions for board games, encompassing the design and customization of components such as boxes, dice, coins, and wooden, metal, and plastic parts. The platform offers a variety of options for common game components and allows customization of multiple core components with personalized designs.

Users can easily create their own card or board games, add and combine all necessary components, and turn their unique game concepts into reality. After browsing available components on the platform, users can personalize the desired components and add them to their cart. Payments and orders can be made on Kylingm’s online platform. After order confirmation and uploading necessary design files, the online support team will confirm order information and provide free consultation and design services throughout the process. Products are shipped within the fastest 48 hours, and customers can receive their customized products within 7 days.

Order information is confirmed within 48 hours of placing the order. The products are shipped within the fastest 48 hours and can be delivered to your shipping address within 7 days.

Yes, our online services cover the majority of countries and regions globally, serving customers from around the world.

We provide standard delivery and expedited express delivery options. The delivery cost depends on the selected products and the recipient’s location. Standard shipping costs are available for reference.

We have no minimum order quantity requirements. You can customize your products according to your needs, ranging from 1 piece to an unlimited quantity.

We accept files in PDF, .jpg, .ai, .tif, .png, and .gif formats.

You can upload templates at the customization location. Contact our online customer service for design support.

Safety: Materials used for game prototypes ordered through Kylin comply with European and American toy safety regulations.

Environmental: We use materials certified by FSC and GOTS, soy, algae, or water-based inks, and clean energy manufacturing.

We can sign a confidentiality agreement with clients, ensuring that no information about your product, whether in design, production, or final shipment, will be disclosed to third parties.

We offer five of the most common box sizes in the board game market. The available boxes cover 65-70% of the current shelf space in Europe. You can choose from small rectangle, medium rectangle, medium square, large rectangle, and large square box sizes.

The cost of making your own card or board game depends on the components you add in the online game maker. You can always check the current total price for each game in. the game overview while writing the game, adding and removing components. During or after adding the finished game to the shopping cart, you can choose the quantity of games to order, and the price for each game will be adjusted accordingly. As the quantity of games increases, the price per game will decrease. After adding the game to the shopping cart and providing the delivery address, you will see the total price of the order, including startup costs, value-added tax, and shipping costs.

Quality: Materials used for both samples and bulk production are of the same certified quality. Our QC performs checks during and after production, and third-party inspections are also accepted.

After-sales: If there are any product issues within a year, we will provide a refund or replacement.