The components you can put into a game are nearly endless. Many are unique, but sometimes a more common “classic” component is what you need. Below are some of these classic game components that Kylin can make for you. If you still don’t see what you are looking for, be sure to contact your ProjectManager and ask about it.


Wooden pieces come in all shapes and sizes (including cubes, cylinders, hexagons, pawns, meeples, houses, sticks, discs, and custom designs) and add a timeless quality to a game. Kylin’s wooden components are made from high-quality birch, a durable and dependable wood. Don’t forget to add the color! Wood pieces can be painted in any color you specify and silkscreen or heat transfer printing can make your components even more special. Concerned about environmental impact? Read about our environmental commitment here.


Do you love dice? We do! There’s nothing like the tension and excitement of rolling dice in a game and custom dice make it even more special. Bring us your polyhedral vision and let us make it a reality! Kylin can make dice of nearly any size, shape, or color you can imagine. Customize them even further with unique engraving and printing to make a one-of-a-kind set of dice for your game only. Your players will love how they look, feel, and roll!


We may call them “standard” components, but they are anything but! You’ve probably seen some of these components in other games, but adding them to your design may be just what you need to make it complete. These components include stones, gems, diamonds, plastic stands, rivets, dials, cubes, discs, poker chips, sand timers, marbles, dry-erase pens, containers, snap bases, and many more. Ask your Kylin Project Manager about all the possibilities.


Honestly, there’s not much we can say to make plastic storage bags sexy! But providing the right number and size of high quality zip bags costs only a few pennies each and goes a long way towards customer satisfaction. A bag for everything makes setup and cleanup a breeze. Don’t forget a pre-punched hole to minimize storage space!


Cloth bags are a premium way to keep pieces organized or hidden and drawing objects out of a bag can add a special moment to your game. Kylin can make cloth bags in the size and color you specify and we can make your bag look extra special by adding embroidery, silkscreening, or full-color printing to the exterior. We also provide multiple fabric options and different types of drawstrings.


Rubber – or neoprene – playmats (think mouse pad material) can add a deluxe feel to your game by leveling up your play and player areas. Just roll out your playmat and let the games begin! Playmats can be printed with full color on one or both sides to highlight your game’s beautiful art. Other options include unique shapes and double-stitching for a premium look and feel.

How to choose components for your custom board games?

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make informed decisions

Define Game Mechanics

Is it a strategy game, a card game, a role-playing game, or a combination? The type of game will influence the components needed.

Consider Player Interaction

Does the game involve a lot of player-to-player interaction or is it more solitary? This will impact the types and quantities of components needed.

Understand the Theme

Consider the theme of your game. Components should align with and enhance the theme. A word game might focus more on cards and tiles.

Balance Cost and Quality

Balance your budget Determine which components are critical for the game experience and allocate resources accordingly.

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