Many of a game’s most important components – cards, boards, rulebooks and more – are printed on some kind of paper stock. With Kylin’s expertise in printing and our cutting-edge presses, we’ll make all your paper components look the best they possibly can. Here’s a sample of what we can make for you and some tips to ensure that your pieces are printed correctly


Your rulebook is a critical part of your game. You’ve spent months and even years getting those rules just right, so make sure you spend time getting your rulebook presentation just right. Most rulebooks are saddle-stitched (center-stapled) and feature multiple pages in groups of four with no greater than 64 pages. Our optional, high-quality spiral bindings made of thick, flexible plastic allow your booklet to lay flat on the table while keepingthe pages safely attached. For books above 64 pages, Kylin recommends perfect bound or softcover binding. Got something even bigger or extra special? Hardcover binding is an excellent option for RPG and art books.


Ah, the humble sheet of paper. Versatile and inexpensive, single paper sheets in a variety of thicknesses, finishes, colors, and dimensions can be colorfully printed and folded to your specifications to use as rule sheets, player aids, catalog flyers or whatever else you might dream up.


Kylin’s card offerings begin with our high-quality “standard” bluecore cardstock and go from there. We offer over 20 different stock sizes, three cardstock core options, and a variety of finishes to make your cards look and feel special. Let Kylin turn an otherwise standard component into a highlight of your game.


A game board is the centerpiece of most tabletop experiences. Make sure yours is a thing of beauty! Kylin offers multiple folding options and thicknesses and our standard boards with reinforced folds and wrapped edges will look fantastic on your table and hold up to years of game nights. And don’t neglect the back! Printing a custom back for your game board adds minimal cost and adds that extra touch gamers appreciate. Planning on a giant game board? We can do that, but please note that the maximum size for individual game boards at Kylin is currently 700mm x 1000mm.


Cardboard mats may sound boring, but they are versatile: they can be player boards, special play areas, token storage, scoring boards, or any number of purposes. These boards do not fold, and they do not have wrapped edges. Dual-layer mats are two layers of punchboard glued together. By punching out areas on the top layer, the mat can hold cubes, discs, meeples, or other components in a specific spot on the mat and gives your game a premium feel. Making a cardboard mat square or rectangular is very cost-efficient, while unique shapes and dual-layer mats will need a die-cut mold, which increases costs.


Tokens! Tiles! Trackers and dials! All of these versatile board game components come from the humble punchboard. It seems simple: a piece of cardboard that is printed and die cut into a variety of shapes. But the possibilities are nearly endless! You can punch out everything from coin tokens to map tiles to cardboard standees to complex constructibles like a dice tower. Pro tip: plan your punchboards wisely and you may be able to save unneeded cardboard or die-cuts.


Sometimes we need to hide our goods from our opponents. The perfect situation for a cardboard screen! Remember, properly angling the edges beyond the fold can make your screen stand up better. Screens also require an uploaded dieline file that identifies trim and fold lines. If you need help creating a template, contact us.


A paper pad may serve as a simple scorepad at game’s end or it could be the centerpiece of your revolutionary new roll and write game. Either way, a well-designed paper pad can enhance your players’ experience and serve as a reminder of that special game. Paper pads can come in a variety of sizes, be printed on one or both sides, and come in full color or black and white. Don’t forget the pencil!


Need stickers to apply to other components in your game? Or is your art so beautiful that it deserves its own sticker? Kylin has stickers! Sticker sheets can have cardstock backing and come in any size, including standard card sizes. Sticker sheets are “kiss-cut,” meaning we cut through the sticker part of the sheet that contains the artwork, while keeping the backing paper intact. It takes a delicate touch! Kylin can also apply a sticker to the exterior of your game, which comes in handy if you have a special crowdfunded version or feature you want to call out.

How to choose components for your custom board games?

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make informed decisions

Define Game Mechanics

Is it a strategy game, a card game, a role-playing game, or a combination? The type of game will influence the components needed.

Consider Player Interaction

Does the game involve a lot of player-to-player interaction or is it more solitary? This will impact the types and quantities of components needed.

Understand the Theme

Consider the theme of your game. Components should align with and enhance the theme. A word game might focus more on cards and tiles.

Balance Cost and Quality

Balance your budget Determine which components are critical for the game experience and allocate resources accordingly.

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