Take your game up a notch with components in unique and special shapes. Custom component shapes are a beautiful way to help your game stand out, but they do increase complexity, cost, and the length of time to produce a game. We’ll need detailed information about your custom piece to get things started and you can expect severalrounds of review and approval as our quality control process ensures that your components are created correctly and to your specifications. You’ll love the results!


There’s nothing like a table filled with beautiful custom plastic miniatures to make a game stand out from the crowd. Custom plastics can range from a single first player token, to a few individual player pieces, or to a table full of invading armies. Kylin can make just about any shape you can imagine and in a multitude of colors and sizes. You can even go all out and have them hand-painted or color-washed in advance for your players! Custom plastics add complexity, cost, and development time to produce but their impact on your game is second-to-none.


Let’s be honest – you love the feel of a stack of custom metal coins in your hand or moving a metal miniature around the gameboard. Metal components have heft that other materials lack and add a high-quality, premium feel to a game. Enhance the effect by adding color to your miniature with paint or electroplating. You can even add an ink wash or rust effect to give your pieces the used look of a family heirloom.


Does your game need custom bits, but with a heft and texture that’s different from standard plastic? Resin may be the answer. Resin pieces are created with a silicone mold, making them much easier to manufacture than plastic miniatures. Resin is a more brittle material, though, so custom bits must have a strong structural integrity. We think you’ll agree that custom resin components add a special look and feel to any game.

How to choose components for your custom board games?

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make informed decisions

Define Game Mechanics

Is it a strategy game, a card game, a role-playing game, or a combination? The type of game will influence the components needed.

Consider Player Interaction

Does the game involve a lot of player-to-player interaction or is it more solitary? This will impact the types and quantities of components needed.

Understand the Theme

Consider the theme of your game. Components should align with and enhance the theme. A word game might focus more on cards and tiles.

Balance Cost and Quality

Balance your budget Determine which components are critical for the game experience and allocate resources accordingly.

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